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Tips and Help For Cleaning Wood Flooring

A little regular maintenance to your wood flooring, could mean your flooring could go decades without needing to be repaired or restored.

Regular Hoovering

The majority will most likely already do this. Why does hoovering regualrly (once a week) make a difference to wood flooring? The answer - footwear. What may appear to be very fine grit in dust is in fact just like sandpaper, which will slowly wear through your wood floors finish. Not a fan of hoovering? A dust mop will work just as well.

Avoid hairspray and/or furniture polish

Both hairspray and funiture polish will cloud your floor’s finish. Wipe them up immediately with a damp cloth.

Protect Common Traffic Areas

Regular footfall on a specific area of your flooring eventually wears down a wood floors finish. Throw rugs are the easiest way to reduce the wear.

We hope you found this aritcle useful. This article was written by a few members of our flooring restoration team.